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Flexible Childcare Jobs for Teachers: A Win-Win Solution?

A simple hug says so much. Children bond tightly with their caregivers.
The best staff are the ones with the biggest hearts!

When things aren't working, you have to make a change.

I have spent weeks really thinking about this. I've reached a deeper understanding; we [employers] are not innovating how we attract and recruit. The Early Childhood field, especially, is not trying new things to find new Leads, new Assistants, new Cooks or new Aides.

All are important, not only are they typically paid in a hierarchy of experience and education, but what gets so quickly overlooked are the less tangible assets; kindness, responsibility, reliability, creativity, passion- a profound ability to care for children that are not yours. Employers are not acknowledging people's natural desire to be valued, appreciated, mentally stimulated and work with a purpose. Employers are not listening to employees. The pandemic showed us so many things we weren't ready for. Also things it was time to see: A job or career fit is a two lane street. We're all busy shouting what WE need in an employee, what will make what we do better, or what we'd like, easier..but the real questions is, what do YOU need from us?

What hours can YOU work, what days can you not work, what factors may be preventing YOU from working? Do you need physical accomodations? Tell us about YOU and YOUR needs, and we'll see if we're compatible.

None of this is to say we are desperate, in fact, the opposite is true; Hour Kids is very selective of our candidates we bring in and as a result, we have 90% retention of new hires for at least 2 years (or more). We are good where we are with the wonderful people we have, and do not urgently need "warm bodies" like so many others right now. I do not make a habit of overextending us. We don't need you, we WANT you and that's different because it's a way to build commitment and equity in each other.

Hour Kids is ready to bring in more families that need care from our waiting lists, they are in a bind but so many can't work due to a lack of childcare. We can't provide it because we can't find enough people with the charcteristics listed above. We want to do this but with those that choose us, they way we choose them.

Our new dual mission is to also cater to perspective employees that have less traditional work needs too. If that's you, or someone you can recommend we reach out to, let's talk. I'm here to listen.



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