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Our Curriculum

Infant Care
The waddler infant and toddler age group loves exploring!
Learning is fun in our toddler room!
Preschool Curriculum
Pre-K Graduation; ready for the next steps in the early learning journey!

Infant Care

6 wks. to 15 mos.

Infants receive individualized attention in a small group setting. We strive to provide excellent communication about your child's time with us through in-person updates and an app we use to track daily care. Also, we have more one on one interaction and a higher quality of care because as the state infant care ratio is 1:4. Most days our Infant room operates at 1:3. Our infant curriculum offers art, sensory, language development and social/emotional activities built-in after the primary focus which is creating a stable bond, a routine for baby and a safe space to grow. 

Toddler Care

15.5 mos. to 21 mos. 

Our young Todds room focuses on providing a caring, consistent  and educational environment that promotes whole child development. Our staff is highly trained and passionate about what they do. Our curriculum is flexible and designed to develop the young brain through exposure to language, music and sensory experiences based on the individuals in our classrooms.. We believe the best learning earning takes when toddlers have a strong bond with their caregivers and parents have trusting and positive relationships with our staff.

Older ToddlerCare

21 mos. to 30 mos.

We understand the importance of providing a safe and stimulating  environment for our Older Toddlers. Care that builds on the foundation established in our young Todds program, with a shifting focus to introducing early childhood academics, potty-training, and priming optimal  physical development. Your little ones will thrive as they grow and naturally gain their toddler 

independence! We'll also help parents navigate this new phases with tips, resources and guidance on request. 


31 mos. to 4 Yrs.

For our preschool program,  we’re dedicated to providing your child with an age-appropriate level of care and learning. Our preschool program is designed to build on the skills developed in our toddler program, with a new emphasis on social and emotional development; such as sharing, turn-taking and communicating needs with others. We also like to build up self-regulation and learn successful ways to navigate social interactions. We teach these things in a more structured classroom that has thematic early learning topics based on what the children find interesting! Our preschool program will prepare your child for Kindergarten readiness. 


4 yrs. to 5 yrs.

(Summer before Kindergarten)

Our Pre-K Program is designed to prepare your child for their academic journey. Our curriculum is aligned with MN standards and focuses on whole child development. By teaching in a fun and interactive environment, we can set your child on the path to school success. In additional to increased time with literacy and numeracy academics, our Pre-K children enjoy field trips, and special academic opportunities to increase their learning and fun.

Nicole F. 

"I can't bring myself to try another care center for my children because we know all the staff and trust them 100%."

Layla P. 

“On my tour I saw that they have cameras everywhere, the kids look happy and clean...they were very professional."

Devyn N. 

"My two year old has been going here for about a year now, she is growing and learning so much!"
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